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K1 Dutch style Kickboxing [Beginners]

Wednesday 6.00pm – 7.00pm

location iconStudio 1, Folkestone Business Hub

Beginners Class

Dutch Style Kickboxing is a fusion of Western Boxing, Muay Thai and Kyokushin Karate. Heavy punches and punch combinations are used to set up devastating kicks and knees. The focus is on good body mechanics that allow flowing combinations, often finishing with the trademark low kick.

This hour long class is designed to introduce the basic principles and techniques of the art. This will  include stance, striking, defence, footwork, padwork and basic combinations.

Its a completely beginner friendly class, so if its your first time or are only a few classes in, its prefect for you

There will also be a strong focus on building up and improving fitness  and conditioning.

The class will consist of 5 sections:

  • Warm up and mobility
  • Line drills
  • Pad work to practice the individual technique with power
  • Fitness circuits
  • Cool down and stretch

For the trial class gloves are provided, after that you will need to provide your own

K1 Dutch style Kickboxing [Beginners]

K1 Dutch style Kickboxing [Fundamentals]

Wednesday 7.15pm – 8.45pm

location iconStudio 1, Folkestone Business Hub

Fundamentals Class

This is a 1.5hr non contact class covering the fundamentals of the art. Once you have progressed from the basics this is the class for you.

Here we start to look at, cover and drill down the techniques and combos you will  most commonly use. This class will have a strong emphasis on proper form and technique.

Fundamentals are the cornerstone of your development. Without a good apperception of these you can only progress so far.

Expect to work hard with solid conditioning and learning effective combinations, smoothly combing both hands and legs

The class will consist of 6 sections:

  • Warm up and mobility
  • Line drills
  • Pad work to practice the individual technique with power
  • Give and take partner drills to practice fluidity in the combinations
  • Fitness circuits
  • Cool down and stretch

You need to bring your own gloves, handwraps and shin pads for this class.

K1 Dutch style Kickboxing [Fundamentals]

K1 Dutch style Kickboxing

Saturday 10.00am - 11.30am

location iconStudio 1, Folkestone Business Hub

Sparring drills and development for all levels

Once you have an understanding of the basic techniques and combinations, its time to put them into practice through live sparring.

Sparring is not fighting, Sparring is learning. Its a tool to aid improvement, the same as pad work, bag work and shadow boxing.

Here at Catch & Counter we don’t subscribe to heavy sparring, we prefer light and technical sparring focusing on strike combinations and defensive structure as opposed to brute strength and power.

This will be a 1.5hr class suitable for those who have done the beginners class. We will mould the sparring to your own level and experience.

We never go straight into sparring, instead we follow a structure consisting of drills to work on Targets, Tools and Tactics.

This may involve range finder drills, probing drills, isolation sparring, tactical sparring and finally open sparring.

You will need to bring your own gloves, shin pads and gum shield for this class. 14or 16oz gloves preferable

K1 Dutch style Kickboxing

Padwork conditioning, combos and core

Saturday 9.00am - 10.00am

location iconStudio 1, Folkestone Business Hub

Start your weekend right with a full hour of pure padwork and conditioning.

All non contact so just you and a partner, pads and bodyweight conditioning

Here we go through combos and drills on both thai pads and/ or boxing pads ( depending if you want to box or kickbox) with a focus on fitness and conditioning.

Suitable for all levels but advisable to attend the beginners first just so you know the basics.

Padwork conditioning, combos and core

Personal Training

30 min + 1hr bookings

location iconBased around Hythe & Folkestone

Personal training is suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced. Whether it’s for fitness, learning a new skill, or expanding and enhancing your existing skill set. I am here to support and encourage you to reach and maybe even exceed your goals.

If you wish to train with a friend or as a couple that’s no problem, you can bring a friend along for free.

You will need to bring your own gloves and handwraps.

Personal Training

Your Trainer

Anil Waughray

ABA England Level 1 boxing coach

Blackbelt and instructor under Guru Bob Breen in Jeet Kune Do and  Kali

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Hatton Academy  fundamental and advanced boxing for fitness instructor

DBS checked

First Aid

I’m a well-versed Martial Artist with over 17 years of experience training and 4 years of coaching. I was fortunate enough to train under the legendary Guru Bob Breen at his London academy for over 10 years (and still continue to do so when I can).

I spent a year living and training Western boxing at Legacy Gym Boracay in the Philippines and have returned back regularly to continue to train.

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Anil Waughray


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The Wednesday 6pm Beginners class is designed for those with little or no experience. The focus here is on learning the basics and building up fitness levels.

Not at all. We welcome and cater to all levels of experience. We are a warm and friendly club and encourage each other to improve and grow. Please see the class timetable for the relevant class regarding your experience.

You don’t need to be fit to start training at Catch & Counter. It’s our job to get you fit!

Most of the people that come to us for the first time need to work on their fitness. So, as long as you’re in good general health we can get you where you want to be.

If you are pregnant or have recently undergone surgery you must seek advice from your doctor before training with us.

Just like going to the gym, we’d recommend you wear loose, breathable clothing. Its a good idea to bring a small towel as you will get sweaty!

Regular running trainers are fine for the boxing class. For the Kickboxing class we train barefoot

For training, you should bring hand wraps, gloves, and a water bottle. It would be preferable for you to bring your own skipping rope.

For the Fundamentals class you will need to start bringing your own shin pads as well as gloves and for the Intermediate class you will need a gumshield

K1 Dutch style kickboxing Beginners class Wednesday 6.00pm – 7.00pm

Fundamentals class Wednesday 7-15pm – 8.45pm

Padwork conditioning, core and combos,
Saturday 9.00am- 10.00am

Sparring development and drills Saturday 10.00am-11.30am

The Fundamentals class is more about technique pad work and partner drills. Give and take Partner drills do replicate sparring in a controlled manner.

Saturdays 10.00am is a dedicated sparring development class

Here at Catch & Counter we don’t subscribe to heavy sparring. We prefer light and technical sparring, focusing on strike combinations  and defensive structure, as opposed to brute strength and power

We are based in the lovely studios of KRAV MAGA GB, STUDIO 1, FOLKESTONE BUSINESS HUB

Studio 1, Folkestone buiness hub, Aspen house, west terrace CT20 1TH

Both the boxing and kickboxing classes are for 16 years + Personal training sessions start from 11 years +

£10 per class (PAYG)
Block of 5 classes £45
Block of 10 classes £90
Block of 20 classes £170


Monthly Membership

£48 per month  for 2x week training

£60 per month for 3x week training


1 trial class free (either boxing or kickboxing not both)


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